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Viktoria's Secret 10 by Mertail Viktoria's Secret 10 by Mertail
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Woman: Erieye Stock

Tim was in the next room.  Nothing, he insisted, that the curse changed her into would stop him from being present to help if she needed help.  Though she worried that one of these times she'd end up something totally disgusting and that Tim would get grossed out and leave her, she was reassured to have someone present in case she needed to get to the water quickly.

The change began just before midnight with the darkening and hardening of her abdomen.  This soon grew, segment by segment until she was nearly half again as long as she had been tall.  The hardening spread down her legs, too.  Once she was covered by the dark shiny armour, her toes fused into a series of small joints that ended in claws.  Tim, trying to be helpful, noted that it looked like some kind of bug's leg.  Viktoria shook her head.  She could see that and didn't need to be told.

After an hour, small nubs began to appear along her sides ahead of the bug legs her own legs had become.  As each pair grew out and assumed it's final size and shape, Viktoria sighed.  She was going to be some kind of bug for the next few days.  When she finished growing the third pair, both she and Tim assumed it would stop but there was one more pair to appear.  Tim frowned.  Not a bug, he noted unnecessarily.

The changes paused for a few minutes and Victoria wondered whether this was the final form.  Alas, it was not to be.  A darkening and hardening of her wrists told her that the change had just switched targets.  The chitin, for that is what it was, spread to cover her hands.  These soon grew into an impressive mass of chitin that eventually split into a pair of formidable claws easily quadruple the size of her hands.  She opened and closed the claws tentatively.  She didn't know a lot about biology (science had never been a favourite subject in school) but she was pretty sure that most spiders and such had no such huge claws.  Maybe a crab or a lobster?  She was pretty sure they weren't black though.  As she leaned on on claw and contemplated the other, slowly opening and closing the pincer, Tim frowned.

"You're growing something at the tip of your tail," he announced.
"What?" asked Viktoria somewhat worried.  She had hoped that she had finished with this change.
"It's kind of like a ball or something," he paused.  "Oh ..." he finished in a quiet voice.
"What is it?" Viktoria was becoming somewhat angry.  This surprised her as she was usually pretty calm even during these damned changes.
"It's a stinger!"
"A stinger?"

Tim warily brought her a hand mirror but Viktoria twisted a herself to take a look for herself.  Wonderful!  She was a scorpion.

"Uh Tim," she said, dropping her head to the bed.  "Be a dear and get on the Internet and figure out what kind of scorpion I've become."

Tim responded with a speed that told Viktoria he was more than a little frightened of that dangerous tail.  Viktoria dropped the tail to hang over the edge of the bed.  Of all the things she didn't need right now was a terrified boyfriend.
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PhxZoo Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
She is either an emperor scorpion or a death-walker scorpion if I had to guess. Either way her boyfriend is in mass trouble: the emperor scropion is the strongest scorpion, using its picers to crush prey; the Death-walker, which is native to Israel I belive, is the holder of deadliest poison contained in the venom sac.
blackmoon1112 Featured By Owner May 1, 2017
Thanks for the scorpion trivia. never knew those existed. (not that into scorpions)
skyewww Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
You might want to check your html coding here. It's making it a bit hard to read parts of the story.
Mertail Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
Found it and fixed it.  Doesn't pay to copy-and-paste from word, I guess
skyewww Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016
Yeah, formatting doesn't exactly carry over. Deviantart seems to think the hidden characters Word uses aren't hidden.
skyewww Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016
Try copying it over to Notepad, save it in notepad, close out of notepad, reopen the file from notepad, and then copy-paste to Deviantart.
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