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Woman: Wikimedia

Arrianna loved the sea. Ever since she'd been tiny, she loved swimming in it. As a child, of course, it had been only near the shore and in safe tidal pools. As she grew older and her abilities increased, her parents let her go deeper and farther out. That was expected, for everyone in her fishing village learned to swim and swim well.

Arrianna's motives, carefully hidden for fear they'd be laughed at by peers or scoffed by elders, were different from the others. They swam to help them survive should the need arise on the boats that went out daily to eek a living from every dwindling stocks of fish. Arrianna dreamed of swimming away from land and all its noise and chaos and never coming back.

She found some of the peace and quiet she so earnestly sought in scuba diving. Even here the noise of the equipment and the rising bubbles was more than she wished. There were times she held her breath as long as she could just to hear the quiet sounds of water on reef, of wind and waves. And wished, wished ever so hard that it could last. That the peace she heard wouldn't have to end a few seconds later in the rattle of a regulator at her next breath.

It was during one of these quiet times, she heard (or maybe it was only thought she heard, a tiny voice. 'To the Sea,' it called in a quiet way. 'Come to the Sea.' But the voice was soon drowned by the regulator noise and the sound of bubbles. Arrianna was sure it had been only in her head but it expressed her own longing.

She continued her quiet swim, watching the fish as they scraped the rocks for algae or darted by in silvery shoals like so much animated confetti. Time and again, when she stopped to listen, really listen, there was the voice again. Again and again it offered the peace of the sea if only she'd follow it.

After nearly 45 minutes under the waves, Arrianna turned reluctantly back to the beach she'd started from and home. As she reached the beach, the voice became ever more insistent. So loud did it become that Arrianna was now able to hear it even above the noise of her equipment. At first unsure and very soon terrified, she swam towards the beach.

Quickly, she pulled herself up on the rock and lay on its warm surface. Her swimsuit, tank and fins felt strangely tight and she was eager to shed them. No sooner was this accomplished when the voice was heard for the first time above the waves. Not just a tiny voice in her head, it was now a real voice.

"Come away with me, my beauty," a man's head was bobbing in the waves not 75 meters away. "Away with me to the Sea."

Arrianna struggled to cover her nakedness with her arms against this peeping tom in the water.

"Follow when you can," he dove and, for the first time, Arrianna realized something odd. He had a tail like that of any dolphin. No simple man rather a merman!

Then she felt dizzy as his sea magic swept over her. She watched as her legs were enveloped in a bluish glow. They were soon fused and she felt herself drawn to point. As in a dream, she watched as the tip flared into the broad flukes of a dolphin. Startled, she closed her eyes wondering if this were some dream. Maybe she was still under the ocean and was experiencing rapture of the deep. She well knew the dangers of the narcotic effect of nitrogen at too great a depth and avoided the dangerous deeps where such might occur.

When she opened her eyes again, all was still. Her swimsuit lay under her. Her fins and tank lay where she left them. 'A dream then', she thought to herself and tried to push herself into a sitting position. Only to discover that it had been no dream and she now had a dolphin's tail instead of legs. Once more the quiet voice sounded in her head for her ears only.

"Come away with me now and let me show you the true raptures of the deeps."
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sandcastler Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016
Awesome gills! Nice job blending her tail, too! Love to see her with webbed fingers, too! 
Tenkokukutiw Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016
i lover it, esta sirenera que amo que hagas
scudmat Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016
And i love when mermaids have gills!
Refno4 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016
I love the skin texture of the tail
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